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vanessa-pujic-minnetonka-pastor_origVanessa Pujic considers herself a native Minnesotan, having moved to the Minnetonka area over 23 years ago.  She holds a master’s degree in Educational Leadership from Walden University, a BS in Math Education and BA in Spanish Studies from Andrews University, and is a graduate of Minnetonka Christian Academy.

During her professional career, Vanessa has taught Mathematics and Spanish in several public and private middle and high schools in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Minnesota, and also served for nearly five years as the youth pastor at the Minnetonka SDA Church. She has a passion for creating access and options for Adventist Christian education for all high school students in Minnesota and beyond, and enjoys the opportunity to work with students in a variety of locations in her capacity as VP for Connected Learning at Maplewood.

Vanessa and her husband, Goran, first met in 8th grade at MCA, attended college together, and were married in 2007.  They have one daughter, Vivi, who brings countless smiles and daily joy to their lives. They also tolerate two weird cats, and in their spare time work on remodeling their 19th century brick farmhouse and travel.


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