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Mission Statement

There is no greater gift to the future than a generation of young people who are empowered with spiritual commitment, a strong academic foundation, a passion for learning, and a social awareness and sensitivity to the world around them. Maplewood Academy is at the forefront of developing such young people, preparing students to be life-long learners, critical thinkers, and tomorrow’s leaders. Through a rigorous academic and holistic education, students are empowered with spiritual commitment, personal responsibility, integrity, leadership skills, and a commitment to engage and serve others . Maplewood Academy students are prepared for success in life and for eternity

Our school provides:

1. A Christ centered learning environment where students, parents, and teachers can experience the presence of God in a spirit of affirmation,

2. A progressive curriculum that challenges and fosters the highest academic development, and

3. Values laden and ethically driven focus that involves students in service for others thereby developing responsible citizens with a commitment to serve
in their local and global communities.

The curriculum maintains a rigorous program of college preparatory courses, religious education, community outreach, art, music, athletics and enrichment
opportunities which promote a life-long love for learning.

Purpose and Objectives

Maplewood Academy was established to provide a holistic educational and spiritual environment in which students can excel and develop academically, physically, socially, and emotionally. Reverence for God and kindness to others are qualities that are encouraged through effective role modeling by teachers and staff and through classroom instruction.

Core Values

Maplewood Academy seeks to instill in students a strong moral and ethical foundation emphasizing the following core values:

MWA CoreValues

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